Sony Pictures Imageworks is closing Imageworks India in Chennai

The Imageworks web site boasts that “The Imageworks India satellite office is located in the International Tech Park Chennai. A state of the art digital pipeline is completely integrated with Imageworks Culver City headquarters.”

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According to VarietySony Pictures Imageworks is closing Imageworks India in Chennai

Imageworks India was launched when Sony acquired Indian animation studio FrameFlow in 2007. Veteran VFX producer Joe Gareri was hired as general manager of Imageworks India and Imageworks’ web site still lists him in that role. Imageworks did not disclose the number of employees who will lose their jobs but say the Chennai branch reportedly had around 100 employees, very few of whom will be relocated.

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What is consisted of an excellent exhibition stall designing?

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Facebook is an infectious disease. Really?

A new study of Facebook's user base has predicted that the social network’s rapid growth will prove unsustainable and that the site will lose 80% of their users between 2015 to 2017. The researchers are saying that ‘Facebook’ is a highly contagious disease among'st the youth and it reaches a certain critical mass of ‘infected’ users, these individuals will ‘recover’ and quit the site. This application of disease dynamics to social media networks sounds like a bad fit. The Researchers say that these sorts of disease models have been shown to work in the past, writing in their paper that “ideas like diseases, have been shown to spread infectiously between people before eventually dying out.” “People on Facebook share their ideas with each other and after a certain point of time Mani-festers lose interest in the ideas as the gain of immunity to the idea.”

What do you think about this article? You think Facebook will fade away in coming years?

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