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Multimedia is a convergence of disciplines such as graphics, print, text, audio, video, and animation. Applications are far-ranging from computer-based tutorials, interactive games to corporate presentations of the highest order. Pixel Edge Design Studio has created a special multimedia learning environment and a center of excellence equipped with state of art computer, audio, and video equipment’s to recreate real-life situations.

A student learns all about graphics and image editing. He learns the basics of Flash, animation, colors, and visual composition, about web and how to align graphics for the web, about CD multimedia presentations and interactive compilations, about film making, film editing, sound editing, mastering, mixing, and authoring. While he achieves technical mastery of each element, he also gains a deeper understanding of aesthetics, relevance to specific applications, and how to use his innate talent to create outstanding masterpieces using his knowledge and training. Experts from various industry segments guide him in each instance even as he gains proficiency in theory and works on projects to boost his creative capabilities and confidence to the highest levels. We prepare him for the challenges of real life where he must deliver to tight schedules yet come up with innovative solutions within limited time periods.

Job Opportunities and Future Prospects

Students with mastery in multimedia can expect remunerative positions in the print and publishing industry, in the advertisement, in IT industries engaged in web design, multimedia authoring, and e-learning materials, incorporate world, or can even set up their own services to cater to a mushrooming market with unlimited potential for growth and earnings.

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