Lighting Your Shot Workshop: Make Your Work Stand Out

Lighting plays an important role in the overall filmmaking process. Lighting helps to tell a story, evoke an emotion, and capture that moment in time. If you seek proof of the value of lighting — just check out our recent (and inspirational) Showcase

And now, with our six-week Lighting Your Shot workshop, you can add a new level and depth to your project to make your work stand out. The workshop includes aesthetic, technical, and cinematic discussions and teaches Autodesk® Maya®, mental ray®, Composite®, and The Foundry Nuke® techniques.

Here’s a quick summary of our workshop:

  • Session 1: Overview of the Maya Lighting and Rendering User Interface
  • Session 2: The Five Principles of Lighting
  • Session 3: Devising a Lighting Shot Plan
  • Session 4: Advanced Lighting Topics in Maya
  • Session 5: The Rendering Process Using Mental Ray
  • Session 6: Final Renders, Composting, and Finishing Touches

And did we mention that you’ll enjoy the same Animation Mentor experience with live instruction from industry professionals?

We’re excited about our Lighting Your Shot workshop and we know that you are, too … after all, it’s always exciting to make your work stand out